Currently, I am writing my Master’s thesis about “Volatility in Financial Markets”. In September I will finish my degree in Investment and Finance at Queen Mary University of London. Afterwards, I will start a new position at Credit Suisse.


I aim for a career in the finance industry especially in the field of investments and data science. This website should closely track my progress towards my professional goals.


I would like to present my some of the stuff I like on this website. I am currently teaching myself Python and will share some of my progress on this site.


If you would like to know more about the stuff that I am doing.


If you would like to see some pictures I took.

Latest News

Extract Data directly from MultiCharts

The following code extracts data directly from MultiCharts. Create an indicator and insert the following code: Inputs: iPrint(False), iFileName(“C:\Users\Administrator\5min.txt”), iPrecision(4); […]

Code snake in Python

Since I am a beginner in python I wanted to do a little project just for fun. In my childhood, […]

Download Quandl Data with Python

One of the best sources for financial data is the website Quandl. It is used by over 200’000 people in […]

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